About Cosmic Bliss 

Cosmic Bliss is the rising moon of a new era. Humbly filled with glistening stars and flares of esoteric beauty. Divination in every tube, these silky glosses add a luster and undeniable celestial individuality to each and every pout. Dare to shine Cosmically! Cosmic Bliss Official is a Louisiana based Black Owned Business! Cosmic Bliss was a name that came to me while pondering a definitive purpose that I could be lucky enough to find in this life. With it came the possibility of being unlimited in my reach to the world. If not blessing others with my successes, what would be the purpose of success to begin with? We live in a world that's more or less out for self in many ways. Though this be a reality, We Must Be The Change We Wish To See In This World! Even if it means only touching 1 person in this pursuit. This is a start, to get the ball rolling in my endeavor to be a change for the better in this world.